Performing Arts Academy

Performing Arts Academy


The aim of the Performing Arts Academy is to offer timetabled training in all three of the core disciplines of Dance, Drama and Music, developing confident and able performers, with opportunities to experience professional performance platforms.  Students are able to take the Performing Arts academy course in addition to either two or three A Levels, it does not however take the place of any timetabled lesson/subject time.

Dance, Drama and Music
Academy members will be expected to train in the three disciplines; Dance, Drama and Music, but will have the option to narrow to one or two for the purposes of assessment. There will be two periods of each discipline within a week i.e. a total of six periods. We will be preparing students to go through the assessment process for the Trinity Arts Award Gold.

Association with Trinity College London and Arts Award
Gold Arts Award aims to enable learners to develop an understanding of the skills, knowledge and working practices relevant to their own art form and the ability to take responsibility for their own art form development, to show their artistic imagination and originality, demonstrating a range of creative responses which are appropriate and new to the leaner. They show they are able to evaluate and use information to design imaginative plans which can deal with unfamiliar or unexpected problems, analysing and re ecting on the success of the plan and drawing appropriate conclusions. It aims to enable learners to demonstrate an ability to communicate complex ideas with some skill, differentiating effectively between various types of audience with the ability to mount persuasive arguments in support of their own views or opinions.

To achieve a Gold Arts Award, Performing Arts Academy students collect evidence in an individual arts portfolio of their experiences of:

Personal arts development

  • extending their own arts practice, experiencing another art form and creating new work
  • being involved in the world of the arts through placements, volunteering, training and research
  • reviewing arts events and finding out about artists or craftspeople and their career paths
  • researching and making the case for an arts issue

Leadership of an arts project

  • planning a project, identifying the project's aims and outcomes
  • organising the people and resources
  • delivering the project and managing the effectiveness of the project
  • managing a public showing of the work
  • reviewing their leadership development and finding effective ways to collect and evaluate feedback from participants, audience members and other stakeholders

The Gold Arts Award carries 16 UCAS Points for successful candidates.

Who the Performing Arts Academy is suitable for

The Academy option would be suitable for pupils interested in dance, acting and music embarking on A Level courses at Ewell Castle School, perfectly augmenting the Drama and Music A Level courses on offer, but studying these is not a requirement. In addition, it will hugely benefit those interested in public speaking and the development of leadership skills.

NB - There are no prerequisites for any of these exams. Candidates will enter exams at an appropriate grade and will be encouraged to explore the opportunities offered across the whole range of syllabi.

Trinity Rock at Ewell Castle School

Further details
For further details please contact Mrs R Brown, Teacher of Drama, Dance and KS3 Music at