Pastoral Care & Academic Support

Pastoral Care & Academic Support


Support comes in many forms and from many different directions. Pastoral support at Ewell Castle School is rated “Outstanding” and in the Sixth Form this is led by the Heads of Sixth Form and the Tutor team. Academic support is provided by Subject Teachers, Heads of Department, the Deputy Head Academic and the Tutor team. The welfare, health and safety of students is at the centre of what we do and pastoral teams, the Chaplain, SENCo and many others work to ensure that students are fully supported as they mature and develop into high achieving young people.

Subject Teachers – Develop a productive working relationship with your teachers. Be inquisitive and take a greater interest in your academic progress than you perhaps may have to date. Remember that for most teachers a Sixth Form group is the most enjoyable and stimulating part of their working week. Be highly motivated and make sure that you understand the structure of the course that you have embarked upon.

Tutor – Your tutor has an overview of your life at school and is there to help you cope with the demands of Sixth Form life. Do not be afraid to seek their advice on any matter and make them the first point of contact when problems arise.

Heads of House – You will be expected to lend your support to your House either by participation or by assistance at events.You will be required to lead some activities and to mentor new students who are members of your House.

Sixth Form Team – Mrs McManus and Mr Getty will monitor your progress and supervise the smooth running of your timetables and Private Study in the Library. They arrange the enrichment programme with Miss Monk our Head of Careers and is responsible for assisting in the development of your study skills. The Sixth Form team also manage the UCAS procedure. Most of all they are key contacts for you during your Sixth Form career. They will also need your assistance at School functions and events. 

Examinations Officer – Mrs Jones deals with all aspects of examination entries and results.

UCAS Supervisor – Your UCAS supervisor (most likely your tutor) will supervise the various stages of your application to higher education in concert with the Heads of Sixth Form and Careers Advisor.

School Counsellor – The school employs the services of a professional counsellor should any student wish or need to take advantage of that service.

Careers Resources – Our Careers Advisor will help you to make use of the wealth of resources available and is an essential point of contact when considering your post school experience. You will have an individual meeting with the Careers Advisor early in your Sixth Form career.

Deputy Head - Academic, Mrs Blake takes an overview of the delivery of the curriculum and monitors progress in conjunction with the Heads of Sixth Form. The Principal and Deputy Heads have a keen interest in your  progress and are always available to discuss matters of concern.

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