SHARP - Anonymous Reporting System For Pupils

SHARP - Anonymous Reporting System For Pupils

New ECS SHARP Anonymous Reporting System For Pupils: New Confidential/Anonymous Reporting System For Senior School Pupils aged 11-18

At Ewell Castle School our pastoral system provides pupils with a range of different staff members to speak to (should they wish to do so) on any subject that is negatively impacting their physical and/or mental health.  Information on these resources and staff members can be found on the Pastoral Care page of the website.

For those pupils who would prefer to contact our pastoral team anonymously, we are introducing the ECS SHARP system which is an online platform that allows pupils to either complete a Confidental Online Form or Send an Email*, and the information is then sent to Mr S Leigh (Senior School Designated Safeguarding Lead) in an anonymous format without providing the name of the person who has made the report.  Pupils can seek help for themselves and/or make a report about someone else without having to leave their details, if they do not wish to do so.  However, if they wish to do so, they can provide their names.

* If using the Email method to make a report, please note that if you use your mobile to send the email, your number will be sent to Mr Leigh along with the message, but he will not contact you unless you ask him to.


There will be a delay in dealing with any information submitted out of school hours, during the weekend and during school holidays.


To use the ECS SHARP System please click on the link below.