Ewell Castle Senior School Carol Service 2021

We are delighted to be able to share our Senior School Carol Service with everyone in the Ewell Castle School community.  To watch the service, simply click HERE to access the Co-Curricular YouTube channel where you will find the recording.  If you would like to sing along to the Carol's, you may also like to download the Order of Service which can be found below.

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you all.

Carol Service - Order of Service


Music At Ewell Castle School

Curriculum Music lessons are taught in Years 7 and 8 and the subject becomes optional thereafter. One lesson per week is taught at Key Stage 3, three lessons at Key Stage 4 and six lessons at Key Stage 5. In the Sixth Form pupils may opt for Music and/or Music Technology A Level courses. We also provide Music Technology BTEC with a wide range of further opportunities in this area, outside of the classroom.

Pupils learn about music from all cultures and times, with lessons involving practical music-making and all pupils having a chance to perform at one or more of the numerous concerts presented by the Department each year. Individual musical tuition is available to any pupil who wishes to learn an instrument, from and to any standard, with a wide selection of instruments offered. There are a variety of musical groups and ensembles. These include Chapel Choir and instrumental groups such as a Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Wind. The largest and grandest musical event of the year is the whole-school musical, currently held at the Epsom Playhouse. Performers are accompanied by a professional orchestra, technical team and dressed by costumiers.

Pupils are encouraged to organise their own smaller bands and may use the facilities to practise at their own leisure. The Music Department hosts a weekly concert series in-house, an annual large-scale musical production performed at the Epsom Playhouse, an annual Christmas Cabaret at The Bourne Hall and an annual choral and instrumental concert at St Mary's Church as well as several other impressive events through the year. Our bi-annual music tour has seen our Chapel Choir perform at Notre Dame Cathedral and Cologne Cathedral.


Visiting Music Teacher Lessons

We are incredibly proud of the team of expert teachers who visit the School every day to offer 121 music lessons in a huge variety of instruments. Teaching from our purpose-built practice rooms, pupils are offered tuition at the highest standards that works alongside their school day.  

The ability to play a musical instrument is a wonderfully rewarding skill to have for life. Pupils might choose to learn an instrument for the sheer joy of it, to work through graded examinations, to learn to compose on the instrument, to play alongside others: the opportunities are endless! Aside from the sense of achievement gained from progression through graded examinations, performing music in groups, bands and ensembles is a highly enjoyable and sociable experience.

Once pupils are suitably experienced in an instrument, they will be invited to join one of our many ensembles (or can use our online system SOCS to sign up for an “open to all” ensemble). Please see below for a full list of our ensembles.

We are currently able to provide musical tuition for the following instruments: 

Brass Woodwind Strings Percussion Other
Trumpet Clarinet Classical Guitar Drum Kit Voice
Cornet Flute Acoustic Pop Guitar Orchestral percussion Organ
Trombone Basson Saxophone Electric Guitar   Classical Piano
Tenor Horn Oboe Bass Guitar   Jazz Piano
Euphonium Recorder Cello   Music Theory
Baritone Tuba   Viola    
French Horn   Violin    

Lesson Format 

Ewell Castle School offers musical tuition on a one-to-one basis for any pupil or student that wishes to learn an instrument. Lessons take place in both the Prep School Music Department which is based at Glyn House and the Senior School Music Department at the Castle site.  Lessons are provided by qualified Visiting Music Teachers (VMTs).  

Our current staff list of Visiting Music Teachers is:

Miss Hannah Shilvock  Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano (and Junior Wind Band Director) 
Ms Sara Grint  Oboe, Bassoon, Recorder, Piano 
Ms Amy Bryce  Classical Voice, Piano, Flute
Mr Chris Guy  Brass (and Brass Group) 
Ms Ella Bodeker  Voice 
Ms Claire Sutton-Edwards  Voice 
Appointment pending for Jan 2022 Violin (and Year 3 Strings Scheme) 
Ms Rachel Drayson  Cello (and Year 3 Strings Scheme: Autumn Term) 
Mr Jack Yardley  Drum Kit 
Mr Jonathan Wheeler  Drums Kit, Percussion (and Function Band Director) 
Mr David Weston  Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar 
Mr Jay Ong  Acoustic Guitar 
Mr Simon Leeson  Piano 
Mr Jonathan Holmes  Organ (and Repetiteur) 
Mrs Sarah Holmes  Music Theory 

Lessons last for 30 minutes and are provided throughout the school day including lunchtimes and break-times. Some lessons may also be after school. There is an average of 10 lessons a term but a guaranteed 30 lessons over the course of an academic year. Normally lessons are scheduled on a ‘rotational system’ with other students so that the same academic lessons are not missed frequently. Timetables are posted on the Senior School Music Department notice board at the start of each term. 
Lessons cost from £20.00 per 30-minute lesson (depending on the chosen instrument and teacher). Invoices are issued termly by the instrumental teacher and charges are reviewed annually. Payment is either by cheque or on-line transfer directly to the visiting music teacher. 
Cancellations and amendments 
To cancel instrumental lessons, teachers must be given a full term’s notice in writing. Advanced notice must be given if any lessons will be missed to avoid unnecessary charges.  
Additional information 
Instrument insurance is advised for expensive instruments. This is often covered by home/contents insurance, but we would recommend that you check the details carefully. 

It is possible to rent most instruments from local shops or Surrey County Music Service. Please ask the Music Department should you require further advice. We also offer a limited rentals service depending on instrument. 
How to Book

To request instrumental tuition please click here to access our interactive booking form.

Once your request has been received, the Music Administrator will pass your request to the respective VMT who then in turn contact you to schedule the lessons and arrange payment.

If you have any further questions, please contact Mrs Jenny McCallum, Music Administrator on 020 8393 1413 Ext. 258, or via email at 

Weekly Music Rehearsal Schedule 2021-22

Provisional Music Concerts and Events 2021-22