Careers & Choosing GCSEs & A-LEVELs

Careers & Choosing GCSEs & A-LEVELs

National Careers Week 2021

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Careers Education begins in Year 7 and is part of the PSHE & Citizenship programme.

In Year 8, pupils visit the Careers Office, where they gain an introduction to ‘The World of Work’.

In Year 9, pupils are introduced to the Fast Tomato suite of online careers profiling and guidance materials in PHSE lessons. When they are choosing their options and making their choices, they can arrange a careers interview with Mrs Lawrence, the Careers Adviser and get help and advice on how a career choice can determine which subjects they choose to study at GCSE, A Level and beyond.

At the end of Year 10, pupils undertake Morrisby psychometric profiling which is a more sophisticated version of Fast Tomato which they are already familiar with. This profiling informs individual Careers Interviews with the Careers Adviser at the beginning of Year 11.

After Christmas in Year 11 each pupil receives an individualised Morrisby Careers Report, based on what was discussed at their Careers Interview, which may be used to inform their Sixth Form choices. The careers information in these reports covers apprenticeships and vocational pathways as well as university and the professions.

Work Experience Week takes place after GCSEs in late June and is an important element of the Careers Programme, providing the opportunity for pupils to sample a week with an employer to explore the world of work in general or to check out a particular chosen career path.


A-level subject choices

For information and advice on selecting A-level subjects, please click here to access the Sixth Form CAREERS, UCAS & SUBJECT CHOICES page.

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 Guide to GCSEs & Year 9 Options Booklet

Year 9 GCSE Options Information - In Relation to Careers & Choosing University Courses



Careers Plan 20-21 Sample CV  


Careers Teaching staff

Head of Department: Mrs E Lawrence BA, PG Dip (Careers Guidance)