The Curriculum

The Curriculum

Glyn House - Years 3 – 6

At Glyn House a broad, balanced and varied curriculum is offered to the children. Although we closely follow the National Curriculum, as a private school we also have the flexibility to branch off at times and follow other areas of research and inquiry often capitalising on the children’s own interests. In fact we are passionate about helping the children to become independent and motivated learners. We have adopted certain learning themes per half term and the children become familiar with these and therefore develop an understanding of the necessary disciplines which will help them to become successful learners.

At Key Stage 2 children are taught in ability groups for the core subjects and teachers have high expectations of them, fully supporting them to reach their full potential. In addition, our Year 6 children have the opportunity to study some lessons at the Senior School too, enjoying the benefits of a full Science Laboratory, Design and Technology and ICT suites.

More able children

More able children at the Preparatory School have tailored, advanced and differentiated work provided by their subject teacher, as and when appropriate. Moreover, staff are keen to foster, encourage and support the strengths, special skills and interests of all Preparatory School pupils and look for every opportunity to do so.

Children in the top ability set achieve a KS2 Level 5 or above in both English and Mathematics by the end of Year 6.  In addition, the school has and regularly updates a More Able and Gifted register and all staff are aware of the particular strengths of individuals on the list. With this knowledge they make special provision or provide opportunities for those strengths to be encouraged and developed further, whenever possible.  Many of our children go on to sit the scholarship exam for entry into the Senior School at our recommendation. 

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