Year 1 and Year 2
Swimming,  PE and Games Lessons 

We take our Years 1 & 2 children to Tadworth Leisure and Community Centre.  They take part in a fortnight intensive course at the beginning of the school year where they have daily lessons with experienced swimming teachers.

In addition, both year groups have an outdoor games lesson and a PE lesson on the Preparatory School site. The focus is to predominately further develop the children’s fundamental movement skills whilst giving the children exposure to a number different activities and team games in preparation for their movement through the School.
In the summer term, the children will have a Sports Day on the field on the Preparatory School site. Children will compete in their Houses both in team games and in individual races. The points scored will contribute to the House trophy that is awarded to the winning House at Prize Day.

Sport in Year 3 to Year 6

In Year 3 to Year 6 the children will have four sessions of sport each week. These include two games afternoons, a PE lesson and a swimming lesson at Tadworth Leisure and Community Centre. 

Children will take part in several sports and activities. These could include gymnastics, dance, tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball, ball skills, athletics, cross country running and health related exercise. Within the games’ lessons, boys will take part in football, rugby and cricket and girls in netball, hockey and cricket. Most weeks, there are inter school fixtures and the School enters local and national tournaments. Additionally, children will take part in House sporting activities. There are also a several swimming galas, cross country events and athletics meets throughout the school year.

As well as the regular inter-school fixtures and House matches there are two important events that form the highlight of the sporting calendar. In March, a swimming gala is held for all children and in June, children will compete against their peers at Sports Day. In both events, all children score points for their House with individual winners receiving a medal.