Music is an integral part of every day life at the Prep School, we sing in each of our 3 assemblies in the week and pupils have a music lesson and a choir lesson each week. Co-curricular activities include School Band, Festival Choir and Chapel Choir. Many of our pupils have individual instrumental lessons in school and we have a number of highly experienced peripatetic staff who teach piano, flute, violin, brass, percussion, woodwind and voice. There are plenty of performance opportunities for our pupils which take place both in and out of school. Pupils are able to showcase their talent by taking part in weekly assemblies and many productions held throughout the academic year.



Performing Arts (Music and Drama)
Right from the moment they arrive in Nursery, our children are offered plenty of opportunities to enhance and showcase their performance skills.  Music is taught by one of our specialist teachers on a weekly basis to all year groups.  Piano lessons are available for pupils in Year 1 and above.  Further information is available within the Prep section of the website.  

Children in Years 1 and 2 have the opportunity to join with our older pupils to perform at Christmas and during Prize Day in the summer term.  We have a number of assemblies and productions throughout the academic year in which all pupils are involved.

The ability to play a musical instrument is a satisfying, rewarding skill to have for life. Aside from the sense of achievement gained from progression through graded examinations, performing music in groups, bands and ensembles is a highly enjoyable and sociable experience.

We are currently able to provide musical tuition for the following instruments:


Brass Woodwind Strings Percussion Other
Trumpet Clarinet Classical Guitar Drum Kit Voice
Cornet Flute Acoustic Pop Guitar    
Trombone Saxophone Electric Guitar Orchestral Percussion Organ
Tenor Horn   Bass Guitar    
Euphonium   Cello    
Baritone Tuba        
    Classical Piano    
    Jazz Piano    

Instrumental Lessons Offered

In addition to these instruments, a greater choice is offered by Fitznells Music Centre (see details below).

Lesson Format

Ewell Castle School offers musical tuition on a one-to-one basis for any pupil or student that wishes to learn an instrument. Lessons take place in both the Prep School Music Department which is based at Glyn House and the Senior School Music Department at the Castle site.  Lessons are provided by qualified Visiting Music Teachers (VMT’s).

Our current staff list of Visiting Music Teachers are:


Visiting Music Teacher  
Mr Ben Thompsett Woodwind
Mrs Sarah Holmes Music Theory
Mr Jonathan Holmes Organ
Mr Jack Yardley Drums
Mr Chris Guy Brass and Brass Band
Mr Jonathan Wheeler Drums, Percussion and Function Band
Mr David Weston Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar
Mr Jay Ong Acoustic Guitar
Mr Simon Leeson Piano
TBC Classical Voice and Piano
Mr James Hall Voice and Pop Choir

Lessons last for 30 minutes and are provided throughout the school day including lunchtimes and break-times. Some lessons may also be after school. There is an average of 10 lessons a term but a guaranteed 30 lessons over the course of an academic year. Normally lessons are scheduled on a ‘rotational system’ with other students so that the same academic lessons are not missed frequently. Timetables are posted on the Senior School Music Department notice board at the start of each term.


Lessons cost from £20.00 per 30-minute lesson (depending on the chosen instrument and teacher). Invoices are issued termly by the instrumental teacher and charges are reviewed annually. Payment is either by cheque or on-line transfer directly to the visiting music teacher.

Cancellations and amendments

To cancel instrumental lessons, teachers must be given a full term’s notice in writing. Advanced notice must be given if any lessons will be missed to avoid unnecessary charges.

Additional information

Instrument insurance is advised for expensive instruments. This is often covered by home/contents insurance, but we would recommend that you check the details carefully.

It is possible to rent most instruments from local shops or Surrey County Music Service. Please ask the Music Department should you require further advice.

Fitznells Music Centre

An established, community music service based at Ewell Castle School offering private music tuition on a range of instruments at the weekend and after school hours. Fitznells also offers a variety of groups and ensembles. For more information, please visit their website

How to Book

To request instrumental tuition please click here to access our interactive booking form.

Once your request has been received, the Music Administrator will pass your request to the respective VMT who then in turn contact you to schedule the lessons and arrange payment.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Prep School Office on 020 8394 3579 or via email at