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Performing Arts Academy

Instrumental Tuition Form - Academic Year 2018-2019  


Aim of the Performing Arts Academy

The aim of the Performing Arts Academy is to offer timetabled training in all three of the core disciplines of Dance, Drama and Music,  developing confident and able performers, with opportunities to experience professional performance platforms.


Dance, Drama and Music

Academy members will be expected to train in the three disciplines; Dance, Drama and Music, but will have the option to narrow to one or two for the purposes of assessment. There will be two periods of each discipline within a week i.e. a total of six periods. We will be following the syllabus from Trinity College London and entering candidates into the Musical Theatre, Performance Arts or Acting and Speaking graded exam series. These are recognised Level 3 qualifications and carry UCAS points equivalent to, at the highest level, academic A Levels at A/B grade. There will also be showcases throughout the 2-Year course.


Association with Trinity College London and taking their Exams

Trinity graded exams are designed to encourage candidates from all  cultures and traditions to engage with as wide a variety of performance  activities and materials as possible, whilst developing their skills within an integrated  framework of assessment. The range of study options  available across the syllabi reflect the many and varied contexts and cultures in which candidates experience, rehearse and perform different types of material.

Trinity Exams may be taken by individuals, pairs or by groups of three or more. There is no maximum group size and all members will be graded    individually. All exams offer candidates opportunities to demonstrate   performance skills appropriate to their individual interests and  aspirations. Solo and pair candidates additionally undertake various tasks that enable them to display supporting skills such as storytelling, improvisation and response to direction.

Candidates will also engage with the examiner in conversation  discussion in order to display their knowledge and understanding both of repertoire and of the range of techniques employed for an effective and engaging performance.  Within the specific requirements of the syllabus, the choice of repertoire and performance pieces is entirely the candidate’s own, guided by the Performing Arts staff.


Who the Performing Arts Academy is suitable for

The Academy option would be suitable for pupils interested in dance, acting and music embarking on A Level courses at Ewell Castle School, perfectly augmenting the Drama and Music A Level courses on offer, but studying these is not a requirement. In addition, it will hugely benefit those interested in public speaking and the development of leadership skills. 

NB - There are no prerequisites for any of these  exams.  Candidates will enter exams at an appropriate grade and will be encouraged to explore the opportunities offered across the whole range of syllabi.


Further details

For further details please contact Mr B Essenhigh, Director of Ewell Castle School Performing Arts Academy at b.essenhigh@ewellcastle.co.uk

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