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Preparatory School: 020 8394 3579

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Ewell Castle School has introduced ParentPay, the school online payment system that lets parents make secure online payments by credit and debit card. ParentPay is used to make cashless payments in schools for dinner money and activities like trips, clubs and music lessons. the ParentPay system gives parents a more convenient and flexible way to pay school online and helps to keep your child safe. By making cashless payments you know that your money has reached the school safely. You can view your account statement and payment history, check when payments need to be made and set alerts to tell you when to pay school online. Cashless payments help your child’s school be more efficient as administration time in the school office is reduced.

ParentPay: Click here

School email addresses

Prep School Office email address: prepschool@ewellcastle.co.uk

Senior School Office email address: seniorschool@ewellcastle.co.uk

How do I communicate with the School?

Should you have a concern or question for your child's teacher, please email them directly in the first instance.  Although the School has an 'open door' policy, it is not usually possible to speak to your child's form teacher or tutor first thing in the morning.  Should you wish to make an appointment to speak to them, please either email them directly or contact the Preparatory or Senior School Office who may be able to assist.

How does the School communicate with parents?

  • Parent Portal – online access to all documents with information about events, trips and activities at School (see below).
  • School website: News tab (Announcements and News pages).
  • School social media accounts: Twitter and Facebook.
  • Termly newsletters – a termly summary of events including sports and trip reports.
  • Trip letters – letters giving details of forthcoming trips are available via the Parent Portal.
  • ECOLE – is our online learning environment which seeks to enrich pupil’s learning and provide support and a sense of community in collaborative learning. It is also part of our emergency strategy in the event of a forced School closure for an extended period, enabling us to support and remain in contact with all pupils. Pupils in the Preparatory and the Senior Schools have access to ECOLE via their own username and password and materials include; revision and course materials e.g. Powerpoint presentations, videos, worksheets, class or whole School forums etc.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is an important source of communication between the School and home.  The Parent Portal is secure and accessed via the School website.  All parents are given unique long-in details when their child joins the School.  The Parent Portal provides links to letters, attendence data, student grades/reports, newsletters and PTA notices.  All letters from School should be downloaded from the Parent Portal.  It is essential that parents regularly view and update their contact details held by the School via the Parent Portal, in particular the emergency contact numbers you are asked to provide in case your child is ill at School. 

Parent Portal: Click here

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