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Ewell Castle School

Years 3 to 6


At Key Stage 2, children's potential and talents are nurtured in small classes through a broad, balanced curriculum within a differentiated structure, to meet each child's needs in every aspect – academic, artistic, musical and sporting.

The new playground and sports field sit within several acres of beautiful grounds. Added to which, the Preparatory School pupils enjoy the benefits of the many facilities at the Senior School, in particular, the Sports Hall and the additional playing fields.

New parents receive a ‘Parent Handbook’ and in September, an ‘Information Meeting’ is held which helps them to learn all about what their child will experience that year and the general routines and practices. The children will also receive their very own ‘Pupil Handbook’ which explains all that they need to know and many useful ‘What to do if.....’ sections. It also includes the praise and reward system including House Points and how to join the school council.

How does life differ to that of Key Stage 1 children?

Once children start at Glyn House in Year 3 they quickly become used to having some lessons with their class teacher and some with different members of staff in different rooms. Therefore, there is a move to being taught separate subjects by subject specialists. As the children move up the school this increases, so that by Year 6, children are used to this mentality and this helps to prepare them for their senior school timetables. The oldest year groups are also likely to have some lessons at the senior school such as the DT and Science laboratories and in the Multi-Sports Hall which means that they have greater resources and opportunities available to them. All year groups send time at the senior school each day enjoying their lunch in the spacious new Budgell Building where our catering staff prepare nutritious, home-cooked meals on a daily basis.

In September children in Year 3 have three weeks to settle in and for staff to get to know them and their strengths and weaknesses. It is at this point that they will be placed in ability groups for both Mathematics and English. These groups are fluid and it is possible for children to move up and down accordingly. There are two official ‘test weeks’ in the year, one in the Autumn term and one in the Summer. A further informal (no revision) test week is held in the Spring term. The results of these exams will help staff to look at the progress of pupils and alter the ability groups as necessary. Both ability groups follow the same curriculum, the less able group however, will receive more support and reinforcement. This group tends to be smaller in number to allow the teacher to give this extra help.

Although we have a few children with very mild learning difficulties such as dyslexia, the nature and size of the school means that we are unable to cater for children with specific and more complex learning needs or behavioural issues.

The more able group will move more quickly through the curriculum and be given more challenging work, sometimes deviating off the original subject.

The staff have looked at how to cater appropriately for children in that all children tend to have different learning strengths. Some children are visual learners, some auditory, some kinaesthetic and some a mixture. Some children learn best through separate subject teaching, some by a themed approach, known as a ‘Creative Curriculum’. Therefore at Ewell Castle School we hold creative curriculum days and/or weeks in each term to allow for a different approach to learning. These special times help the staff to provide real-life links to learning and exploit the chance to develop independent thinking. We like to think we provide the best of both worlds and something for every type of learner.

Pastoral Care

Aside from the first class education, a mention of the pastoral side of school life. If a child is unhappy they will not achieve their full potential. At Ewell Castle School with our warm and caring ethos, small classes and teachers with a passion for their vocation and a great respect for the pupils in their care, we quickly spot when things aren’t right. We have strong and well-established communication links with parents and we liaise to get to the root of the issue before it becomes a problem. We take action; we do not turn a blind eye and are very proud when we can see the positive difference we are making to the children’s lives. Never is this more obvious than with newly arrived pupils who are self-confident, smiley people within just a few weeks!

More Able Pupils

At the Preparatory School, the children follow a full and suitably challenging curriculum which is differentiated and tailored to the children in each year group, often above the expected national level.  Children at Glyn House are taught in ability groups for the core subjects with the children in the top ability set achieving a KS2 Level 5 or above in both English and Mathematics by the end of Year 6.  In addition, the School has and regularly updates a More Able and Gifted register and all staff are aware of the particular strengths of individuals on the list. With this knowledge they make special provision or provide opportunities for those strengths to be encouraged and developed further, whenever possible.  Many of our children go on to sit the Senior School scholarship exam at our recommendation.


The last word goes to our current parents who in a February 2014 Survey stated:

‘We are a new family to the school and we couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome.’

‘Pastoral care has always been excellent at Ewell Castle and the school has a very good balance between expecting all pupils to participate in activities yet still managing to understand that pupils develop at different rates and have different abilities’

‘All extra-curricular activities and outside projects are very good.’

‘Teachers are very visible and approachable and appear to offer great care and attention to each individual child.’

The school is ‘very good at nurturing and making learning fun.’

‘A friendly learning environment that is conducive to building a child’s self-confidence. The staff is caring with the children and my children look forward to going to school and learning.'

 Key Learning Themes:

 Autumn  1st half-term  Concentration and Perseverance
   2nd half-term  Co-operation and Collaboration
 Spring  1st half-term  Courage and Self-Belief
   2nd half-term  Independence and Initiative
 Summer  1st half-term  Responsibility
   2nd half-term  Risk-Taking

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We currently offer freshly cooked hot lunches to all our children from Reception upwards. 


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