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Ewell Castle School

Extra Curricular Activities, Clubs & Trips

Years 3 to 6

It is important for the pupils to get ‘out and about’ and we aim to offer an educational day trip each term for every year group. These include trips to museums and theatres. We also run successful residential trips including the Isle of Wight, France and Spain for those in Years 4 – 6. We have a range of extra-curricular clubs available after school such as Art, Chess, Judo, Choir and various Music groups, Board Games, Tennis, Drama, ICT, Hockey, Rugby, Football, to name but a few. Indeed, we pride ourselves in including all of the children in sporting fixtures throughout the year in addition to the availability of the clubs.

Art at Glyn House aims to engage, inspire and challenge the children by improving their mastery of Art and Design techniques by including drawing, painting and sculpture using a wide range of materials for example pencil, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels, paint, clay and box modelling. All pupils have the option to participate in an after school Art club covering a wide range of fun activities, artists and art styles including; Egyptian art, Joan Miró, William Morris, Roman mosaics and Monet.

Extra-curricular activities include School Band, Ukulele Club, Festival Choir and Chapel Choir. Many of our pupils have individual instrumental lessons in school and we have a number of highly experienced peripatetic staff who teach piano, violin, brass, percussion, woodwind and voice. There are plenty of performance opportunities for our pupils which take place both in and out of school. Pupils are able to showcase their talent by taking part in weekly assemblies and many productions held throughout the academic year.

Children in Years 3 to 6 have one P.E. lesson, one Games lesson and one Swimming lesson per week. The girls focus on netball in the autumn term, hockey in the spring term and rounders in the summer term. The boys focus on football in the autumn term, rugby in the spring term and cricket in the summer term. This is to allow further development of skills and team tactics. Children play regular home and away fixtures against other schools (weekday afternoons). Swimming lessons take place at the local leisure centre and the children also take part in the annual House Swimming Gala and House Athletics Sports Day. After school Sports Clubs are provided on various days throughout the week, including team practice nights, judo and tennis.