Leaving A Legacy

Leaving A Legacy

Your Legacy - A Gift For Future Generations

For many Old Ewellians, Ewell Castle School has been an important and positive part of their childhood and some feel that in part, they owe their professional success to the education, values and opportunities that Ewell Castle School provided.

After you've taken care of the people closest to you, a small percentage of whatever is left could make a huge difference to the School. Legacy donations provide valuable funding to help us achieve the ongoing development of Ewell Castle School. Our Bursary programme provides assistance to those pupils who would not otherwise be able to afford an education at Ewell Castle School. By leaving a gift to the School in your will, you will be providing financial assistance to many children, thus ensuring your legacy and name will live on at the School after your lifetime.

All legacies to charities are tax free. If you make a gift to Ewell Castle School in your Will, the value will be deducted from your estate before inheritance tax is calculated, which means that you can support the School and reduce your inheritance tax liability at the same time. We recommend that you consult a solicitor or professional adviser, for specialist advice according to your own individual circumstances.

How to Reduce your Inheritance Tax Bill

For advice on giving to charity to reduce an inheritance tax bill, please consult your financial adviser, or visit the HMRC website for the most up to date information: https://www.gov.uk/inheritance-tax/giving-to-charity-to-reduce-an-inheritance-tax-bill

Telling us about your Bequest

You do not need to advise us if you are planning on including Ewell Castle School in your Will, however, by doing this will allow us to recognise and thank you in an appropriate way.

Types of Gifts You Can Make

The three main types of gifts that you can make are:

RESIDUAL LEGACY is a gift of all (or a percentage of what is left) of the value of your estate after all other gifts have been made.

PECUNIARY LEGACY is a gift of a fixed sum of money that you can index link to preserve its value over time.

GIFT IN KIND is a gift of a specific item of property such as a house, shares or jewellery.

How To Contact Us

If you are considering making a gift in your will to Ewell Castle School, please email Ms Carol Hernandez, Marketing, Development and Alumni Manager at oldewellians@ewellcastle.co.uk who will be able to answer any queries you may have. Thank you.