Old Ewellian Sixth Form Bursary Fund

Old Ewellian Sixth Form Bursary Fund

Please Help Us Make A Difference to the Next Generation of Ewellians !


Why we are launching an Old Ewellian Sixth Form Bursary

Under its public benefit provision, the School currently offers a number of bursaries to families who would not otherwise be able to afford a Ewell Castle School education for their children. Demand is high, however, the School’s funds are limited. We would love to be able to help even more dedicated children and so The Old Ewellians Association Committee and Ewell Castle School are launching an Old Ewellians Sixth Form Bursary to support existing Ewell Castle School families who require support to enable their children to continue into our Sixth Form. 

What the Old Ewellian Sixth Form Bursery is

It is financial support to allow pupils to continue their academic journey into our Sixth Form (which may also include opportunities for OEs to mentor and provide work experience to Sixth Form students).

Who it is aimed at

It is aimed at existing Ewell Castle School families who would find it financially impossible for their children in Year 11 to continue into our Sixth Form. 

The process

Once we have secured sufficient funds for our inaugural bursary year, the OE Sixth Form Bursary will be promoted to existing parents.  Any OE Bursary award will be means tested via an external agency and qualifying candidates will be interviewed by the Principal and a member of the Old Ewellians Bursary Committee to assess a candidates’ dedication to their studies, as well as their broader commitment to the life and ethos of the School whether in volunteering, leadership, sporting endeavour or performing arts.

Who decides who the Old Ewellian Bursary is awarded to

Only qualifying candidates will be put forward to the OE Bursary Committee and Principal to decide the recipients of the OE Bursary. 

Why Old Ewellian Michael Brunwin is supporting the Old Ewellians Sixth Form Bursary

‘As a result of the Old Ewellians Sixth Form Bursary, pupils who previously thrived and made a broad contribution to the life of the School, will be able to continue at Ewell Castle to study for their A-levels, regardless of their family financial circumstances.  Because of the Old Ewellians Sixth Form Bursary, they will be able to enjoy and take advantage of the academic and co-curricular opportunities the School provides and they will continue to build life-long friendships.

In essence, the Old Ewellians Sixth Form Bursary will enable these pupils to enjoy the positive advantages and experiences that Ewell Castle School offers, as so many of us have already enjoyed. They will leave having achieved strong A-level results and embodying the values of; personal integrity, trustworthiness, mutual respect, social responsibility and resilience.  I am proud to be an Old Ewellian and I am grateful for the life-long friendships and happy memories I still have from my school days. That’s why I’m supporting the Old Ewellians Sixth Form Bursary Fund.’ Michael Brunwin, Ewell Castle School pupil 1947-1953 and Chair of the Old Ewellians Association Committee


How you can contribute to the Old Ewellian Sixth Form Bursary Fund

If you would like to support the OE Sixth Form Bursary, you can give in different ways

  • Ideally we are looking for regular monthly contributions, however
  • We will also gladly accept annual contributions, and
  • We will also glady accept one off donations if that is what people prefer

Payment by bank transfer.  Barclays Bank Sort Code: 20-29-90  Account: 30357960


We need to raise £40,000- to provide a 100% bursary for one pupil or provide two pupils with a 50% bursary for their Sixth Form studies

We are looking to raise £40,000 in order to assist two or more Castle School pupils through two years of Sixth Form here by providing a 50% bursary to two current pupils or 33% bursary to three pupils.  The amount also covers a contribution towards lunch, Sixth Form uniform, exam entries, books/stationery supplies and curriculum/Sixth Form School trips.

All donations are gratefully received.

Below is is an example of how the £40,000 could be raised:  If you are viewing the table below on a mobile (in an upright position), you may not be able to view the entire 7 columns across.  You may need to tilt your mobile to a horizontal/landscape position.

Number of OE'S Required £ Donation Per OE Per Month Total £ Donation Per OE over 12 Months Total OE's x Monthly £ x 12 Months

Yr 1

Total Donation Amount by x Number of OEs


Total Donation Amount by x Number of OEs

Total Donation Amount over 2 Yrs by x Number of OEs
10 £5 £60 10 OEs x £5 per month x 12 months



20 £10 £120 20 x £10 x 12 = £2,400 £2,400 £2,400 £4,800
20 £25 £300 20 x £25 x 12 = £6,000 £6,000 £6,000 £12,000
5 £50 £600 5 x £50 x 12 = £3,000 £3,000 £3,000 £6,000
6 £100 £1,200 6 x £100 x 12 = £7,200 £7,200 £7,200 4,400
2 - 2 x one off gifts of £400 each 2 x £400 = £800 £800 £800 £1,600
        £19,200 £19,200 £40,000

Gift Aid

Boost your donations by 25% via gift aid if you are a UK tax payer.  Please fill in the attached gift aid form and send to the Alumni Office at Ewell Castle School, Church Street, Ewell, KT17 2AW.  Gift Aid Donation Form


How You Will be Thanked for Your Contribution

All gifts will be acknowledged with a letter of thanks, then depending on the contribution amount, OEs may be invited to attend Prize Giving as a guest of the Principal and or other School events and receptions or School Ball.   OEs who contribute will also receive a yearly update on the Sixth Form Bursary Fund as well as a report on the progress (academic and other) made by recients of the Sixth Form Bursary that year.


If you would like to contribute please email Ms Carol Hernandez, Marketing, Development and Alumni Manager at oldewellians@ewellcastle.co.uk who will be able to answer any queries you may have. Thank you.