Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care


A great benefit of being a small school is that each pupil is known and valued within a caring, stimulating and disciplined environment.

The happy, family friendly nature of our school community is underpinned by excellent pastoral care. Pupils, parents and staff have strong relationships of mutual understanding and a commitment to the traditional values of honesty, respect and integrity. All aspects of personal development are fostered, and pastoral care and support which is consistently acknowledged to be outstanding contributes greatly to personal development and achievement of potential.


The Tutor System

Each pupil in the Preparatory School is assigned a form teacher and this member of staff is responsible for monitoring the pupils’ progress and welfare throughout the year.  Pupils and their form teachers develop a relationship with each other so that successes can be celebrated together and problems or concern that arise can be resolved.  Form teachers come to greet their class in the playground each morning and will also dismiss at the end of the school day.  We hold annual information evenings to inform parents about routines and curriculum; in addition to this, we have an open door policy where parents are welcome to get in touch at any time.

Form groups meet twice daily at morning and afternoon registration, in addition to having most lessons in form groups. Each pupil is a member of one of three Houses (Castlemaine, Essex and Raleigh) when they start Reception and they remain in this House as they progress through the school.  There are opportunities to earn House merits and a House Cup is awarded in assembly to the highest score each week.