Creative & Performing Arts

Creative & Performing Arts

Performing Arts (Music and Drama)

Right from the moment they arrive in Nursery, our children are offered plenty of opportunities to enhance and showcase their performance skills.  Music is taught by one of our specialist teachers on a weekly basis to all year groups.  We have a number of assemblies and productions throughout the academic year in which all pupils are involved.

Creative Curriculum

It is important to ensure that our children's learning is as engaging as possible.  To this end, we use the creative curriculum approach to teach many of our subjects with topics being changed termly or half termly.  This allows teachers to create purposeful links between different subjects and allows children to make valuable contributions that will benefit the learning of the class as a whole.  Trips each term will be based around the topics being taught.  

Our creative curriculum lessons provide opportunities for pupils to build confidence while improving their critical thinking skills by engaging in hands-on discovery activities