Early Morning Care & After School Care

Early Morning Care & After School Care


Our extended day care facility takes place in our Nursery building on the Pre Prep site. It is open to all our children every day, as long as they have been pre booked through the school office. Early Morning Care and After School Care are both led by at least two members of the school staff.

Early Morning Care

Early Morning Care runs from 7:30am to 8.30am. Once the side gate is opened at 7:30am, you can bring your child straight up to Nursery building; please note children cannot be supervised before this time. Early Morning Care is as similar to being at home as possible and we offer a variety of activities. We do not provide breakfast, but your child may bring in a breakfast snack and carton drink if you so wish. Children who are in Years 3-6 will be walked up to the Preparatory School at 8.15am, ready for registration.

After School Care

After School Care runs until 6:00pm. If a parent suddenly needs a pupil to stay late and there is a place available, this can be arranged by ringing the Preparatory School Office. Children in Years 3-6 will be walked down to the Pre Prep School at 3.30pm or straight after attending a club. Toast and fruit is offered, along with a drink. We offer a variety of activities depending on the ages of the pupils, and we aim to make as much use of the outside space as possible. Activities might include:

• A quiet time/corner to rest for the younger pupils
• Educational games on the computer
• Book corner
• Jigsaws/board games
• Tables for home work to be done or for drawing/colouring
• DVD/Wii interactive games
• Access to the climbing frame
• Role play
• Ball games