Senior School Form Cake Rota 2018-19

School News

School News

Charitable Works Committee: The Senior School Form Cake Rota 2018-19

This year the Form cake sales will be in aid of Malawi Schools. Can you beat Mrs Sarmiento's form last year who raised £121?  There is a trophy for the form that raises the most money.

Date Form
14th September 2018 11RSB
28th September 2018 11RPN
12th October 2018 10VEH
October Half Term
16th November 2018 10RUD
23rd November 2018 10TJW
7th December 2018 9EFW
Christmas Holidays
11th January 2019 9RMO
8th February 2019 9PJE
February Half Term
1st March 2019 9TJH
15th March 2019 8JDS
29th March 2019 8TVH
Easter Holidays
3rd May 2019 8FCA
17th May 2019 7ALO
May Half Term
7th June 2019 7LBC
14th June 2019 7RYG
28th June 2019 7JCB


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