Year 13 Students and Parents: Leavers Deposit Donation Appeal

School News

School News

Thank you to all those parents of Year 13 studetns who last year donated to our 2016-2017 Leavers Deposit Donation Appeal.

The Appeal is now in its third year and the number of families who are choosing to donate their deposits (or a percentage of them) back to the School continues to increase. We are grateful to them all. The donated funds go towards the School's top priority that year or the donor may state how they wish their donation to be spent, e.g. on equipment for the Science Department, or PE Department etc. The School then notifies the specific departments of the individual donations so that they can then purchase additional items which will enhance the learning of all pupils at the School.

Below are the names of those 2016-2017 donors who were happy for us to make their names public, others chose to remain anonymous.

2016-17 Donor Roll

  • Mr and Mrs Fitch Year 13 Deposit Donation Appeal
  • Mr and Mrs Robinson Year 13 Deposit Donation Appeal
  • Mr and Mrs Hardy Year 13 Deposit Donation Appeal
  • Mr and Mrs Botchwey Year 13 Deposit Donation Appeal

The Marketing, Development and Alumni office writes to parents of Year 13 parents during the Spring Term. The letter explains what the benefits of the Old Ewellians alumni association are so that the parents may encourage their children to stay in touch with the School once they leave. The letter also asks parents to consider donating their deposit (in full or in part), back to the School upon their child leaving at the end of the Summer Term.

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