Winners of 2020 Dragons Den Business Competition

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Ewell Castle School’s 2020 Dragons Den Business Competition Winners

Dragons’ Den is an entrepreneur led competition held to encourage original ideas, teamwork and problem solving. It embraces the School values of responsibility, integrity and encourages teamwork. My fellow Business classmate Kamran and I have really enjoyed participating in Dragons’ Den club over the past year. We enjoyed it because it reflects so much of what is taught in the classroom and allows us to apply what we know to a creative setting.

When it came to the Final, we were very nervous as we were up against an excellent team consisting of Alexander and George presenting a product called Speedless. We knew our business proposition was good – a product called EnvironAir which is a unique way of recycling all waste generated by air travellers whilst on aeroplane flights.  Our competitor’s product was a driving test simulator which those who are learning to drive could use to re-create and manoeuvre through driving hazards expected on a real road.

On the day, our parents and our usual Year 10 Business class were invited as the audience.  There were four Dragon Judges in total, from a wide range of sectors and ages.  At the end of our presentation, they each got to ask a question. The questions that they all asked were manageable as we had been preparing for them. The audience also got to ask us questions.

At the end of the competition, it was very close but… we won! We could not believe it ourselves as the other team were excellent.  But they were happy because, like us, they had really enjoyed the experience.  Mr Edmonds awarded us with a trophy that we would alternate between us and we had our photo taken.

In conclusion, I want to say a huge thank you to Mrs Rudd, Head of Business and Economics, our opponents and my entrepreneurial colleague, Kamran.

Ben C


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