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Ewell Castle School

School Uniform, Appearance and Sports Kit

School Uniform Suppliers

School uniform is compulsory, and all pupils are expected to be neat and tidy at all times, in or out of school.  

The School’s official outfitters are Stevenson's, Spread Eagle Walk, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8DN (Tel: 01372 742411), online ordering:  www.lbschoolwear.co.uk  

The School sports kit is supplied by Tacklebag Ltd, Unit 2 Drummond Place, St Margaret's, London, TW1 1JN    online ordering: www.tacklebag.co.uk (020 8740 4850). 


We recommend that all items of school uniform and sports kit are clearly labelled, preferably with iron on or sew in name tapes. 

Uniform and Appearance

Pupils are expected to be smartly dressed in school uniform and an appropriate professional appearance is expected at all times.  Pupils should remember that they do not only represent the school, but also themselves and their families.

Details of the uniform are available via the pdf below and in the New Parent Handbook.  During periods of very hot weather, shirt sleeve order may be granted, however, pupils should remember that full school uniform is required to and from school and for assemblies.

Further Guidance on Appearance (including rules on hair, make up, jewellery and nail polish)

  • Hair must be of a natural colour.  It should be no shorter than a Number Two for boys and should not be beyond the collar.  No facial hair is permitted.  Hair should be kept tidy and for girls, long hair should be tied back off the face.  The decision of the Deputy Head of Senior School on matters regarding hairstyles is final. 
  • Girls kilts should not be rolled up and they must not be shortened.
  • Visible jewellery must not exceed a wristwatch for boys or a single pair of stud earrings for girls (which must be removed for PE) and a wristwatch.
  • Nail polish and make up are not permitted for girls in the Senior School. 
  • Sixth Form girls may wear light make up, nail varnish must be of one colour and well applied (chipped nail varnish must be removed immediately) and hair colour must be of a natural colour. 


Senior School Uniform

Following October 2018 half term, what has traditionally been known as the “Boys’ uniform” will now be referred to as the “Trouser Uniform” and what has been called the “Girls’ uniform” will now be referred to as the “Skirt Uniform.”

All Senior School pupils have the option to choose which uniform they wish to wear.  The two uniform lists remain unchanged, but the new nomenclature is intended to enable Ewell Castle School to make suitable provision for a pupil who wants to make a choice about the clothes worn at school.  This would be a choice to wear either the full Trouser uniform or the full Skirt uniform.

If anyone has a question about uniform guidance they should contact their child’s Head of Year.  For sports, the School follows all of the various national sporting body guidelines.


Uniform List

Preparatory School Uniform List  Junior School Uniform
Senior School Uniform List  Senior School Uniform