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Preparatory School: 020 8394 3579

Ewell Castle School

Early Morning and After School Care - Prep School

Early Morning Care at the Preparatory School runs from 7:30am to 8.30am and is led by a qualified member of staff.

Early Morning Care takes place in the Nursery building at Chessington Lodge and is available to all children at Chessington Lodge and Glyn House. The side gate is opened at 7:30am and you can bring your child straight up to Nursery. Please note children cannot be supervised until the 7:30am start time.

Early Morning Care is as similar to being at home as possible and we offer a variety of activities. The school does not provide breakfast, but your child may bring in a breakfast snack and packet/carton drink if you so wish.

After School Care runs until 6:00pm, is available to all children at Chessington Lodge and Glyn House,and is led by two qualified members of staff. All the activities take place in the Nursery building at Chessington Lodge.

If on a specific day,a parent suddenly needs a pupil to stay late and there is a place available, this can be arranged by ringing the Preparatory School Office.

The intention of After School Care is to make it as similar to going home as possible. We offer a variety of activities depending on the ages of the pupils. For example:-

  •  A quiet time/ corner to rest for the younger pupils
  •  Food and drink in the form of toast with strawberry jam or marmite; fruit and drinks such as milk, hot chocolate and water.
  •  Educational games on the computer
  •  Book corner
  •  Jigsaws / board games / toys
  •  Tables for home work to be done or for drawing/colouring
  •  Video/television

Final decisions about these activities will be made each evening depending on the age group and interest of the pupils. 

Early Morning Care Leaflet 

After School Care Leaflet