OE Drinks - The Spring: Next Thursday 18th October

Ewellian Email Bulletin Content

Ewellian Email Bulletin Content

Thursday 18th October: Drinks at the Spring Pub

Join us at the Spring Pub in Ewell (London Road) from 7pm and bring along any other OE chums. Drinks will be preceeded by the OE Association committee meeting.

If you would like to be considered to join the committee or if you would like to submit a discussion point or any suggestions for OE events, activities etc for the agenda, please email these to c.hernandez@ewellcastle.co.uk no later than 17th October.

OE Association Committee 1990's & 2000's Decade Reps

We need OE Association Committee Decade reps for the 1990's & 2000's - If you are interested, please get in touch with c.hernandez@ewellcaste.co.uk. There are only three evening meetings a year.

Forthcoming OE Events

  • OE Drinks at The Spring Pub, from 7pm: 18-10-18
  • OE Golf Day at Kingswood Golf Club: 26-04-19
  • OE Cricket Match at Ewell Cricket Club: 03-07-19

New House Captains Honours Board

At last the School has a House Captains Honours Board to honour the Captains of Castlemaine, Essex and Raleigh Houses. The new Honours Board is on the wall opposite the staff room and starts at 2005-06. You can see a photo of the new House Captains Honours Board at the top of this e bulletin.

Can you donate a quality piano?

The Performing Arts continue to go from strength to strength at Ewell Castle School and we have an increased demand for quality acoustic upright pianos or acoustic baby grands. If you or someone you know has one that needs a new home which you/they would be willing to donate to the School, please get in touch. Depending on where the piano is, we may be able to arrange collection.

Best wishes,

Carol Hernandez and Sarah Graves
Alumni Office

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