Legacies - A Gift In Your Will to Ewell Castle

Legacies - A Gift In Your Will to Ewell Castle

NEW Legacy brochure - Leaving a Gift in Your Will to Ewell Castle School

Who needs a will

If you don't leave a will, your estate is shared out in a standard way defined by law (the 'law of intestacy') – which might not be in line with what you would have wanted, so it is prudent for most people to have a will.

Reasons for writing a will

There are many reasons for writing a will, including:

  • You have dependent children
  • You aren't married to your partner
  • You're worried about inheritance tax
  • Your personal circumstances change. Write or update your will when you marry, divorce or have kids to ensure the right people  stand to benefit
  •  You have specific funeral wishes
  •  You own property with someone else or overseas
  • You wish to leave money or specific items to charities, people and or causes that are important to you

 Advice on how to leave a gift in your will to Ewell Castle School

For advice on giving to charity to reduce an inheritance tax bill, please consult your financial adviser, solicitor or visit the HMRC website for the most up to date information: https://www.gov.uk/inheritance-tax/giving-to-charity-to-reduce-an-inheritance-tax-bill

For information on writing a will, visit the Money Saving Expert website https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/free-cheap-wills/

To leave a bequest or gift in your will to Ewell Castle School, you will need to include the School's full charity name and number in your will, to ensure that your bequest does indeed get to the School.

Ewell Castle School charity name and address:  Ewell Castle School, Church Street, Ewell, Surrey, KT17 2AW

Ewell Castle School registered charity number:  312079


If you have already drawn up your Will

If you have already drawn up your will, you may add a bequest by way of a Codicil.  A Codicil Form and Codicil Guidelies can be downloaded by clicking on the box below.

Will Codicil Form & Codicil Guidelines


Telling us about a bequest/gift to Ewell Castle School

You do not need to advise us if you are planning on including Ewell Castle School in your will, however, doing this will allow us to recognise and thank you in an appropriate way during your lifetime.  If you write to us to tell us that you have planned to leave Ewell Castle School a bequest/gift in your will, you will be invited to join our Legacy Society. 

Legacy Pledge Form 


Ewell Castle School 1926 Legacy Society

We are launching a Ewell Castle legacy society; so be a trailblazer and become a founding member of the 1926 Legacy Society by making a provision to leave a gift in your will to the School.  You will benefit by;

  • receiving an annual copy of the Ewellian School magazine with a thank you included
  • receiving recognition for your gift on the School website
  • receiving an invitation for you and a guest to an annual VIP 1926 Legacy Society reception at the School 
  • receiving an invitation to a Legacy tour of the School and lunch with the Principal and some of our Sixth Form Prefects

Types of Gifts You Can Make

The three main types of gifts that you can make are:

RESIDUAL LEGACY is a gift of all (or a percentage of what is left) of the value of your estate after all other gifts have been made.

PECUNIARY LEGACY is a gift of a fixed sum of money that you can index link to preserve its value over time.

GIFT IN KIND is a gift of a specific item of property such as a house, shares or jewellery.


Ewell Castle School No.2 Account

Barclays Bank UK Plc       Account Number: 73775631    Sort Code: 20-29-90


Please email us if you are considering leaving a gift in your will  

If you are considering making a gift in your Will to Ewell Castle School, please email Ms Carol Hernandez, Marketing, Development and Alumni Manager at oldewellians@ewellcastle.co.uk - Thank you.