A large proportion of the School's photographic archives are now available to view digitally online. Users can access copies of Ewellian Magazines, as well as photographs and videos from the School's history. Please note that for copyright reasons the Digital Archive is for personal and private use only and must not be reproduced. A large number of Ewellian Magazines (the School magazine which has been produced most years since 1926) a large number of whole School formal photographs, The World War II Memorial - listing all Ewellians who served in the armed forces and lost their lives between 1939-1945, a number of sports team photographs, a number of photographs of the School buildings, a number of photographs of Ewell Castle when it was still a private home.

Please contact the School Archivist Carol Hernandez for a username and password by emailing and stating whether you are a) an alumnus or ex member of staff, b) a current pupil or current member of staff or c) a member of the PTA.

The Ewell Castle School Archive is not hosted on the Ewell Castle School website, but is hosted and managed by a third party website managed by an independent company SDS Group. See their GDPR Policy Manual below.


Whole School Photographs

From 1926 to 1986: Panora Ltd took the whole School photographs between 1968 and 1986. The negatives of the photographs were then donated to the Documentary Photography Archive on their ceasing trading in the mid-1980s. For information on photographs from this period see Manchester Documentary Photography Archive.

From 1986 to 1999: TBC

From 1999 to date: Gilmour & Soames have taken the whole School photograph since 1999. Photos are available to view and purchase online at Gillman & Soame Image Bank with the log in token ewellcastle2017

Missing Ewellian Magazines

We would love to hear from you if you still have original copies of Ewellian magazines, whole School or sports team photographs. We would like to borrow them for a few weeks so that they can be professionally scanned and added to the digital archive and then they will be returned to you. Please contact Carol Hernandez, Alumni Manager at