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Photography Competition

Ewell Castle School Pupil Photography Competition - Final Judging will take place on 23rd January 2018

We're delighted to be holding a photography competition, with finalists selected in advance and final judging to take place by acclaimed wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein, during his photography talk and slideshow on the 23rd January 2018.  With five categories that range from ages 5 to 18 there will be one overall winner as well as a runner up for each category.

The five categories are:

  • KS1: ages 5-7
  • KS2: ages 7-11
  • KS3: ages 11-14
  • GCSE: ages 14-16
  • Sixth Form: ages 16-18


General Guidelines for the Preparatory School competition:

• Email the chosen photograph to prepschool@ewellcastle.co.uk by Friday the 19th of January 2018.
• There are three categories for the Preparatory School pupils: a) Animal, B) Landscape, C) People
• Only one photograph in total is to be entered per applicant.
• The applicant must have taken the photograph.  Their name, Form and age must be included in the file name used when submitting the photograph by email.
• Individual entries only - no group submissions.


General Guidelines for the Senior School competition:

• Contestants are required to submit photographs representing a theme or topic that they are passionate about.
• Upload a jpeg file of the photo in high Resolution onto a memory stick and submit or email this to Miss Donoghue (Senior School Head of Art) by Friday the 19th of January along with the printed final product which must be printed on photographic paper.  Email t.donoghue@ewellcastle.co.uk
• Photographs can be either black and white or in colour.
• Only one photograph is to be entered per applicant.
• The applicant must have taken the photograph.
• Individual entries only- no group submissions.
• Minimal manipulation of digital images e.g.: small adjustments to brightness, colour, colour balance and/or sharpness, is acceptable.
• A description of the work must accompany the photograph to outline the theme explored. This should be no longer than one paragraph.
• The photograph must have a title.
• Photos can be exhibited at any size and scale.
• Photos must be mounted on black cardboard allowing a boarder of 2.5 cm on all sides.
• Each Photo must be identified on the back of the supporting card with the name of the person taking the photograph, and title of the work.
• The competition organisers will print labels for each entry.

Judging Criteria for both Preparatory and Senior School competitions:

The entries will be judged at the Photography Exhibition location on the day of the event, based on the following criteria:
• Relevancy to the topic selected by the participant
• Composition
• Focus
• Lighting
• Subject matter
• Creativity/originality