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Ewell Castle School

Mindfulness at Ewell Castle School

Since introducing the ‘Mindfulness in Schools Programmes’ we have received very positive feedback from staff parents and Year 4 and Year 11 pupils who have told us how valuable mindfulness has been to their wellbeing.  In addition, we have seen that many parents appreciate this new school focus.  These are just some of the comments from our Year 11 pupils in response to the question 'Looking at the course as a whole, what did you like about it?':

• I liked learning how to cope with worries and seeing they aren’t bad
• I feel that mindfulness helps me relax. I only used it a few days ago before school. This helped me calm down and concentrate during my lessons.
• It was very good; it helps me cope with life and exams. It will be useful later in life.
• It was nice to just relax for once.
• It made me feel a lot clearer and relaxed
• There was no exam at the end
• I like that I was taught a way to relax myself and to concentrate
• It allows me to learn about how to feel
• How we are not pressured to perform and understand what the teacher is saying
• I liked most of the things about the course
• Not having a test at the end
• This therefore allows me to focus more and concentrate better during lessons
• I like the fact that you feel calm