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Ewell Castle School

Yr13 Leavers Deposit Donation Scheme

Thank you to the parents of Year 13 students who have kindly donated to the Year 13 Leavers Deposit Donation Scheme which is now in its second year and which is customary across independent schools. 

Many parents feel that they would like to make a contribution to Ewell Castle School at this time.  When families first joined Ewell Castle, the School retained an initial entrance deposit and Mr Harris and the School Governors  now ask parents of Year 13 students if they would be prepared to treat some, or all, of this deposit as a contribution to support teaching and learning developments which add value to our School.  Donors can choose for their donation to go towards the School's top priority (currently this is the building of a new Music Pavilion) or they can specificy an area that they would like their money to contribute towards.   Thank you once again to those families who have already supported this appeal and to those who are still considering doing so, there is still time to do so and help ensure a lasting legacy.