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Please sponsor Mrs Hillman, Ms Wallace & Ms Varney & support orphans in Lesotho

Mrs D Hillman and Mrs C Varney will be spending two weeks in Lesotho (a small and poor mountainous country in Africa) this August as part of a local Cheam charity project that will particularly help orphans and Child Headed Households. 

In two weeks time Mrs Hillman, Ms Wallace and Mrs Varney will be taking part in the Blenheim Triathlon.  Their aim is to raise money to support the various community projects that Mrs Hillman, Mrs Varney and the group will be involved in during their visit to Lesotho.  If you would like to support them and their valuable work please contribute via their fundraising pages.  See below.

Thank you very much.



Lesotho has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world – official estimates are 25%, unofficial estimates for the 25-50 year age group are more like 50%. Which means that there are many families who don’t have parents, and are headed instead by the oldest child – Child Headed Households (CHH).  The group will be working mainly with these Child Headed Households, running a short camp for these children, which among other things will aim to give them a break and allow them to have fun and be children, rather than carers. The group is also likely to be involved in education and going into local schools and orphanages, as they have a range of skills to offer.  These links show the organisation the group will be working closely with, plus some facts, pictures and information about the country:  www.lesothodurhamlink.org   www.durham-lesotholink.org.uk