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Ewell Castle School

Ewell Castle and St Mary’s Church – Proposed playing field

What is being proposed?

  • Ewell Castle School, in conjunction with St Mary’s Parish Church, are proposing to turn the waste land, St Mary’s Meadow, next to the church cemetery into a useable space.
  • This land would be used for a small sized training pitch (70x50m) with some junior matches.
  • A suitable fence will be erected to surround it.
  • Initial vehicle access for equipment used to prepare the ground will be along the Vicarage driveway and then subsequently maintenance vehicles (mainly a mower) and pedestrian access will be through the churchyard itself.

St Mary's Location
St Mary's Location

St Mary's Layout
St Mary's Layout

Why is this necessary?

  • There is a known need for playing fields in the area and they will be used to promote sport.
  • The space is local to Ewell Castle School which will cut down on journey time for pupils, be safer and reduce traffic.
  • It will improve the local amenity.
  • It will support the local community as it is a resource that would otherwise be wasted.
  • The rental income will assist the church in the maintenance of the churchyard.



  • There should be no major change to the current situation as we already have the pupils on site.
  • Minibus traffic will be reduced.


  • Use will be during the day – mainly afternoons and some Saturday mornings.


  • Pupils/ general public already use the church yard as a routeway.
  • School timetable is fixed, the church services (Burial and Interment) will work around the timetable.

Other issues

  • There will be no floodlights.
  • The proposal is independent of concerns over Old Schools Lane Playing Fields.
  • The existing church yard has another 10-15 years worth of plots available and the top corner of the meadow will also be set aside for the church providing an additional 10-15 years of plots.
  • The field will be leased to the school and will not be sublet by the school.
  • An ecological and wildlife survey will be undertaken as part of the planning process.


  • The school will be submitting planning as soon as possible with the aim of using the land as a playing field from September 2015.
  • Some levelling of the slope will be undertaken but within appropriate tolerances.

Peter Harris, Principal of Ewell Castle School