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Ewell Castle School


In Science, pupils are taught in Form groups in Years 7 & 8 of Key Stage 3. In Year 9 they are in five smaller mixed ability groups. In Years 10 and 11 pupils are taught in four or five sets according to ability. Two or three sets will work towards two GCSE courses (Science and Additional Science). The other sets have the opportunity to pursue the individual sciences (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) to GCSE.

Group sizes at Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9, age 11-13 years) and KS4 are on average sixteen in number, and typically eight at AS/A Level.

The department enjoys five designated Science laboratories. Interactive whiteboards and other technologies are available within the department.



The Science department uses Kerboodle, which is an online platform with very high quality resources, for classwork and homework. All pupils are given login details which gives them access to activity sheets, digital textbooks and additional support sections to help extend their experimental and mathematical skills. Pupils are encouraged to familiarise themselves and take advantage of the wealth of resources available. The A Level and GCSE section contains useful resources such as study guides (A Level only), glossaries and checklists, which are very useful tools for pupils when they are preparing for internal or external examinations.


Key Stage 3

Years 7 & 8 pupils are following the Science Works course by Oxford University Press. The course covers the new KS3 National Curriculum in Years 7 & 8. This is under review for September 2015.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Science is started in Year 9. This is not externally examined in this year. Pupils who do well enough in the internal exams continue on the separate science path obtaining GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Year 11. The other pupils repeat and consolidate the Year 9 work in Year 10 and sit two GCSEs in Science and Additional Science. The OCR Gateway suite of specifications is used throughout this Key Stage.

Key Stage 5

AS and A Levels are offered in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Programmes of Study:           

   Year 7 Programme of Study             Year 8 Programme of Study

  Year 9  Programme of Study     Year 10 Programme of Study

 Year 11 Programme of Study


   A Level Biology Yr12 Programme of Study                 A Level Yr13 Biology Programme of Study 

  A Level Chemistry Yr12 Programme of Study            A Level Chemistry Yr13 Programme of Study              

  A Level Physics Yr12 Programme of Study                 A Level Physics Yr13 Programme of Study


 Teaching Staff

Mr K Hungsraz BSc, QTS Head of Science Department and Physics Teacher
Mrs R Din BSc, PGCE Biology
Mr T Hall MChem, PGCE Chemistry
Mr R Galletly BSc, PGCE Physics
Mr S Manley BSc, PGCE Biology
Mrs N Narayanan BSc, PGDip, QTS Chemistry
Mrs H Williams BSc Senior Lab Technician
Mrs S Philipose BA, MA Lab Technician