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Psychology is a science. We offer it for study at Advanced Level only. This means pupils need good numeracy and literacy skills because they will be: • Understanding scientific theories • Thinking critically about a range of concepts • Reading, collating and interpreting written sources • Analysing and interpreting numerical and statistical data • Assembling all of the above into a written argument

Good numeracy and literacy skills means potential students need to have achieved at least a grade ‘6’ in GCSE Mathematics and English. A similar grade in GCSE science subjects will support a good grade in this subject at the end of Year 13.

The first year of the course covers the main schools of thought in the subject collectively called Approaches. They range from the focus on observable phenomena of Behaviourism to the creator of Psychoanalysis, Freud. Students apply this understanding to specific areas including Social Influence, Memory, and Attachment (how babies form relationships with their caregivers).

In the second year, students study three areas in-depth: Relationships, Stress and Aggression. They do this by reading, examining, and evaluating the current research. There is also a strong biological element in the course with the fundamentals of Biopsychology added to the approaches in this year.

Advanced Level Psychology also develops a good understanding of research methods including experimental design and writing a research study. Students have a practical week where they design, complete and write up an experiment. From this, pupils develop their ability with statistical and scientific interpretation.

Overall, Psychology not only provides a good foundation for further study in the subject, but also effective analytical and evaluative skills valued in a range of careers from Sports Psychology to Market Research or Business Analysis.

Psychology Programme of Study:

Teaching Staff

 Mr J D’Souza BSc, PGCE  Head of Department
 Mrs J Clark BA, PGCert