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Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

Religious Studies lessons at Ewell Castle School give pupils the opportunity to grapple with some of the timeless philosophical questions of life, to explore the views of the greatest thinkers in history and to relate a range of beliefs to pressing and contemporary issues. There is a dual emphasis on understanding and weighing up different views on life, along with developing and exploring your own. There is no requirement to come from any particular faith background to benefit from these studies. On the contrary, there are clear work and life benefits to all from developing an enquiring mind, and training in the skills of analysis, logical thought, empathy and literacy. However, aside from this, Religious Studies is recognised as a subject that all pupils nationally should study in school, and as a ‘facilitating subject’ (most good universities require at least two facilitating subjects at A Level).

In years 7-9, Religious Studies is taught in form groups for one period each week. Pupils explore a range of topics across six major world religions.  At GCSE we follow the AQA specification which explores two world religions and four ethical themes, covering a wide range of social and moral issues. Pupils are encouraged to build on the knowledge and skills developed at Key Stage 3, but now have a chance to focus on understanding where people’s beliefs come from, and how others view the world and life’s big questions. Those not opting for a GCSE in this subject will follow an accredited ‘Philosophy, Religion and Ethics’ course in year 11 where they will have a chance to cover some of the same areas.

Advanced Level studies in the Sixth Form use AQA syllabus focusing on Christianity, Philosophy and Ethics. This includes an in depth study of Christian sources of wisdom, views of God, and self along with the examination of a huge range of the world’s greatest thinkers, from Plato and Aristotle to Dawkins and Darwin and much else in between!

The ethos of the Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Department is to treat religious belief not as a merely sociological phenomenon but as a real-life changing experience. We need only to look at many current world situations to assure ourselves that it is vital to study, understand and question different views. Learning inside the classroom is augmented by opportunities to hear about the beliefs of others from visiting speakers or from trips to different places of worship.

Please click on the pdfs below to download the Programmes of Study:

pdf Year 7 Programme of Study - Autumn     Year 7 Programme of Study - Spring  pdf Year 7 Programme of Study - Summer

pdf Year 8 Programme of Study - Autumn     pdf Year 8 Programme of Study - Spring and Summer

pdf Year 9 Programme of Study - Autumn, Spring and Summer

pdf Year 10 Programme of Study    pdf  Year 11 Programme of Study   pdf Year 12 / 13 A Level Programme of Study


Teaching Staff

Mrs V Ikwuemesi MA, BEd Head of Teacher of Religious Studies and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics
Mrs D Hillman MA, BEd Teacher of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics
Mr J C W Blencowe BA, PGCE Teacher of Philosogphy, Religion and Ethics