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​Modern Foreign Languages

At Ewell Castle we aim to provide a broad and genuinely inspiring look at the world through the learning of foreign languages. Our staff are passionate about teaching and sharing the wealth of possibilities that arise from experiencing life via different languages. 

We also pride ourselves about being forward looking and team players. This is evident in that we take advantage of the latest teaching software, up-to-date publications and are always looking into ways of cooperating with other departments in order to bring languages into the school’s day-to-day lives. Equally, we strive to instil a love for learning both independently and in teams, fostering camaraderie and respect for each other’s learning pace.

Events and Trips

In an attempt to make learning fun, interactive and as genuine as possible the Modern Languages Departments organises a number of events, as well as day trips and overseas cultural visits.

Regular events include the annual celebration of the European Day of Languages involving food sampling and a variety of school-wide games and house competitions, as well as the hosting of theatre plays performed in Spanish and French by professional native actors. This year, our Year 8 pupils are also starting a Virtual PenPal programme through which they are to exchange emails with pupils of a similar age from a partner school in Seville, Spain.

Our older pupils regularly take part at formal GCSE students conferences in central London, as well as foreign language film screenings. In fact, being so close to such an amazing city, the department always keeps an eye out for suitable events from which we can take advantage as opportunities arise.  Regular overseas trips include Paris in Year 8 and Barcelona in Year 9 and are subject to change every year according to pupils preference.


Key Stage 3

In Years 7 and 8 all pupils are taught Spanish and French.  In Year 9 the pupils can choose to either continue with both Spanish and French or to concentrate on just one foreign language. Both languages can be taken at GCSE and A-Level.

Key Stage 4

Albeit enormously valued at the school, foreign languages are an optional subject at GCSE. Pupils can choose to study both, one or none of the languages offered (Spanish and French).

We use Edexcel examining body and the main topic areas aim to prepare pupils for the everyday, authentic situations they may encounter on a visit to the relevant country. Such situations include: Lifestyle (health & relationships); Leisure (free time, media & holidays); Home and Environment (home life, home town & environment); Work and Education (school, future plans, current and future jobs).

Key Stage 5

We use Edexcel examining body. At A-Level pupils benefit enormously from immersing themselves in various aspects of the language and life of the country/countries where the language they are studying is spoken.  The full A Level for Spanish and/or French comprises four modules with two taken in the Lower Sixth and two in the Upper Sixth:

  • The AS modules for each language are: module 1 – oral (stimulus card and topic discussion); module 2 – synoptic language paper (listening and reading comprehension and a task-based writing question usually in the form of a letter or article).
  • The A2 modules are: module 3 - oral discussion of issues; module 4 – translation into the target language, a discursive essay in the target language and a research-based essay in the target language.

Please click on the pdf icons to view the attached MFL Programmes of Study. 

pdf  French Programme of Study

pdf  Spanish Programme of Study

Teaching Staff

Miss P Hernandez Licence LLC, PGCE Head of Department
Mrs F Arganarz BA, PGCE  

Mr A Oscoz BA, PGCE