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Ewell Castle School


History is a highly regarded subject at Ewell Castle and one that the pupils thoroughly enjoy. We have an integrated programme where we instil an interest in the subject and develop key skills.
In Year 7 we study Medieval England starting with the battle of Hastings. In Year 8 we look at the Tudors and Stuarts. In Year 9 we study international affairs between 1900 and 1945 focusing on the two world wars and the interwar period. During those three years we also find time to look at Roman Britain, the Industrial Revolution, and the Wild West.

For GCSE we offer a two year Edexcel course.  We look at The Cold War, Nazi Germany, The Norman Conquest and 1000 years of Crime and Punishment focusing on the Whitechapel murders.
For A Level we follow a two year course.  Pupils study Italy 1900 – 1945 and England under the Tudors.  In Year 13 they write an extended essay on an aspect of British India.
We have a wide variety of trips to support the academic study. In a typical year this would include Bodiam Castle, the National Army Museum, the Mary Rose and the Imperial War museum at Duxford. Most memorable is the annual Year 9 trip to the Somme.

Programmes of Study:

    Year 7                                                   Year 8

    Year 9                                                    GCSE                                                                          

    A Level


Teaching Staff

Mr J Blencowe BA, PGCE Head of Department
Mrs E Harrison BA, PGCE  

Miss L Wilkinson BSc, Cert Ed