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Ewell Castle School


At GCSE we follow the AQA A specification, studying, amongst other topics, Development, Coastal Processes and Tectonic activity. A Level Geography is offered for a two year course only (no AS level is now offered) and follows the EDEXCEL syllabus. A broad range of skills are developed at both GCSE and A Level. Fieldwork is an integral part of Geography and in addition to local fieldwork and day trips there are residential trips to, for instance, North Wales, the Dorset coast and The Midlands. Some of these are compulsory elements of the GCSE and A Level courses.

KS3 Change (Y9) Topic 5 – Who Wants to be a Billionaire

This topic looks at the global wealth distribution and what makes the rich, rich and the poor poor.  Students use a variety of analytical and statistical skills in evaluating the future of a county’s wealth.


Please refer to the exam boards specification for the specific year of interest.

Year 10: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/geography/gcse/geography-8035

Year 11:  http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/geography/gcse/geography-a-9030/spec-at-a-glance

KS5 / A Level

We are currently in a transition period between the old and new GCE syllabuses.  Please refer to the exam boards specification for the specific year of interest.

Year 12 (new two year A’Level): http://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-a-levels/geography-2016.html Year 13 (old AS and A2 course): http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/geography/as-and-a-level/geography-7037


Programme of Study key stage 3 - Years 7 to 9 

Programme of Study key stage 4 -  GCSE level

Programme of Study key stage 5 -  A level  


Teaching Staff

Mrs R Owen BSc, QTS Head of Department
Miss N Maskell BSc, PGCE  Teacher of Geography

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