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Ewell Castle School

Design & Technology

Design & Technology is taught in all form groups at Key Stage 3, is an option subject at GCSE and furthermore at A level.

Pupils are entered for AQA Design and Technology at GCSE & Edexcel Product Design at A level.  Class sizes are generally small.

Pupils enjoy three purpose built rooms;

The Design Studio is equipped with 13 computers running industry standard design software ‘Solidworks’ along with Adobe’s and Microsoft’s creative suite of software; Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Word etc. and 2D vector software. All computers are linked to the room’s A3 printer. Teachers have the ability to teach wirelessly with their iPads in the Design Studio thanks to the AppleTV connected to the projector. Students also have access to five laptops which are equipped with the same software as the main computers.

The Prototype workshop is equipped with a laser cutter, 3D printer, milling machines, metal and wood turning lathes and forge, along with other machines facilitating work in various materials including wood, metal, plastics, and fibreglass.

Sixth Form pupils have access to a designated Design Office; a professional and purpose built environment with a library and seven computers, loaded with Solidworks, Adobe’s and Microsoft’s suite as well as 2D drawing software. All computers are connected to the room’s A3 printer as well as to the AppleTV connected to the office’s flat screen TV. A Level students also have access to the department’s laptops whenever required.

 Key Stage 3 Programme of Study

  Key Stage 4 Programme of Study

  Key Stage 5 Programme of Study



Ms D Sarmiento MA, BA, GTP  Head of Department



Mr P Archbold BTEC