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Business Studies

Business Studies is a fundamental subject for understanding the globalised world of the 21st century. It leads on to a wide range of career opportunities from Banking to Marketing, to setting up your own business. 

Year 10-11 students study the Edexcel GCSE Business Studies course. In Year 10, pupils are introduced to starting up a business, which includes key aspects of marketing, finance, human resources, meeting customer needs, and the wider economic context within which start-up businesses operate. In Year 11, students focus on issues affecting the development of existing businesses.  The GCSE assessment consists of two externally examined papers and one controlled assessment.

Sixth Form students study the AQA A-level course. In Year 12, students are introduced to the challenges and issues affecting businesses. The course then explores with in-depth analysis the key internal functions of business (people, operations, finance and marketing) and how the management of these functions can assist in improving the effectiveness and performance of a business. In Year 13, strategies for larger businesses are analysed and evaluated in the context of changing internal and external circumstances.  The A-level assessment consists of three externally examined papers. There is no coursework assessment.

Please click on the pdf documents to view the Programmes of Study. 

 Year 10 Programme of Study

 Year 11 Programme of Study

 Year 12 and Year13 Teacher 1

 Year 12 and Year 13 Teacher 2

Teaching Staff

Mr M Houlahan BA, PGCE Head of Department
Mr J D'Souza BSc, PGCE