Useful Information

Useful Information

Breakfast Bar (Senior School only)

We offer a Breakfast Bar each morning at the Senior School from 07.50am to 08.20am where pupils may purchase a range of breakfast items and drinks.


Daily Contract Lunch for pupils at Chessington Lodge (excluding Nursery) Glyn House and the Castle includes the following, (soup is not available at Chessington Lodge):


Starter Soup and bread
Main Includes one meat or vegetarian/vegan option, vegetables/salad and potato/rice/pasta or a filled jacket potato, or a protein item with salad or two freshly made sandwiches/rolls/baguettes
Dessert Just one dessert - either a hot or cold dessert or one piece of fresh fruit 

Contract Lunch Allowance         Information on Contract Lunches

Please see a sample menu below. The menu rotates every three weeks.

Sample Menu

We currently offer freshly cooked hot lunches to all our children from Reception through to Sixth Form.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PARENTS / GUARDIANS - There are an increasing number of students attending School who have a life threatening allergy to nuts and nut products. In order to best ensure the safety of these students, we ask that all students refrain from bringing food to School which may contain peanuts or other kinds of nuts. One of the best protections for all concerned, not only to safeguard from allergies but also for general hygiene, is to regularly wash hands before and after touching food. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Ewell Castle School Houses

When pupils join Ewell Castle School, they are put into one of four Houses named after local castles; Arundel, Bodiam, Carisbrooke and Dover and there are regular House and inter-House activities and competitions. A pupil transferring from the Preparatory School will remain in the same House, as will siblings where possible. House competition is principally of a sporting nature; however Chess, Music, Drama and Debating currently flourish. House meetings are held fortnightly. All members of teaching staff are assigned to a House and offer support to the Head of House with House activities and pupils are expected to support their Head of House and House Captain in an appropriate fashion.


The Head of Arundel House is Mr P Bunce, the House colour is green.


The Head of Bodiam House is Mr R Skinner, the House colour is blue. 


The Head of Castlemaine House is Mr T Hall, the House colour is purple.


The Head of Dover House is Mr T Stone, the House colour is orange.