Diversity, Inclusion & Equality

Diversity, Inclusion & Equality

Ewell Castle School is committed to working towards Race, Ethnicity and Gender Equality.  We agree with the statement from Flair that 'understanding ethnic minority experience is the first step to fixing it', and we also believe this also applies to other minority and under-represnted groups whether the inequalities are due to race, gender, sex etc.


Ewell Castle School Working to become an Anti-Racist School as well as tackling Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism

Working with Flair Impact and Show Racism The Red Card to tackle racism at Ewell Castle School

Ewell Castle School – Proud to be working towards being an anti-racism schoolThe Ewell Castle School pupil community is a diverse community and our pupils and their families represent a wide range of ethnicities.  There is, however, some way to go in encouraging prospective staff from a wide range of ethnicities to apply for, and successfully be recruited to the School.   'In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, a growing societal awareness of the terrible impact of racism upon all our society, and because 'we wanted to equip our young people to respond far more effectively and confidentaly to racism, we chose to work with Flair Impact to help us to reflect and understand ourselves better.  As a result, we have the inspiration and the impetus to act decisively, and tackle unconscious bias wherever we find it.  We are now much more confident in our ambition, not just to raise awareness of racism, but to become an anti-racism school.' Silas Edmonds - Principal of Ewell Castle School

Since summer 2021, Ewell Castle School has been working with anti-racism organisation Flair Impact to help 'build a culture where all ethnicities thrive'.  Staff and Senior School pupils took part in a Flair Impact organised survey, to help us better understand where we, as a School community stand in regards the four key anti-racism insights that Flair Impact measure, and propose strategies for, via their survey and metric driven platform.  Our ultimate goal was to 'measure, track and overcome racial bias' and become an anti-racist School. 

We wanted to better understand and measure key anti-racist metrics, benchmark ourselves to other schools and ultimately help change our culture so that anti-racism, diversity and equality is at the centre of everything we do.

The four key anti-racism insights covered by Flair in their survey were:

  • Racial Awareness
  • Racial Diversity
  • Racist Behaviours
  • Racial Inclusion-barriers

Since last summer, we have held a number of staff insets and talks, and are continuing to work with Flair Impact and more recently with Show Racism The Red Card, as we now plan to deliver more specific pupil focussed programmes.  As a School, we know there is still much to be done, but we believe in the importance of the work our staff and pupils are undertaking, and we will continue to pursue whatever actions and training is necessary to ensure we succeed in our goal of becoming an anti-racist school.