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Collision Theory Models

[ Temp/Intro | Pressure(constant V) | Pressure (constant M) | Catalyst | Surface Area | Concentration ]

These models are for experimenting with and having fun.

By clicking and holding a stationary particle you can drag the particle back to give it energy. This is recorded on screen as Energy.
Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules.

The number of collisions between different coloured balls is counted (equivalent to a reaction).

To stop the animation control-click in the window.
To reset press the re-fresh button in your browser.

Vary Temperature
This model allows you to experiment by changing the Temperature in a gas

Other models:

Constant Mass & Pressure


  1. Try releasing the ball with a given energy and stopping it after a set time.
  2. Record the number of collisions.
  3. Repeat with a different amount of energy.


  1. Can you explain the difference?
  2. Can you describe how this model differs from real life?
  3. Which of the differences in Qu.2 are significant?

science department

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