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School Uniform & Sports Kit

New School Uniform from September 2015

We are introducing a new School uniform from September 2015, which is available to purchase from Lester Bowden in Epsom.

Current pupils of Ewell Castle School will have the opportunity to continue to wear the existing uniform if they chose to do so for the 2015/16 academic year, or they may opt to purchase and wear the new uniform from  September 2015.  We would prefer not to have a mix and match uniform policy during the 2015/16 academic year.  Pupils must either wear all new uniform or all current uniform, however, due to some individual item stock delays, we understand if this does happen in the Autumn Term.   By September 2016, all pupils must wear the new uniform.

There will not be any changes to the current Sports Kit which is supplied by Tacklebag.

School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory, and all pupils are expected to be neat and tidy at all times, in or out of school.  The academic year 2015/16 is a transition year, pupils will have the option of wearing either the new uniform or the current uniform.     From September 2016 all Year Groups from Reception through to the end of Year 11 will wear the new uniform. 

Nursery uniform: Polo shirt**, sweatshirt**, jogger pants**, socks, trainers with velcro (unless the children can tie their own shoelaces), coat. 

Boys Reception to Year 6: Blazer*, shirt, tie*, pullover*, trousers, socks, shoes, coat, hat*/cap*, scarf*

Girls Reception to Year 6:  Blazer*, blouse, cardigan*, pinafore*, tights, socks, shoes, coat, hat*/cap*, scarf*

Girls Year 3 to Year 6: Blazer*, blouse, cardigan* or pullover*, tartan skirt*, tights, socks, shoes, coat, hat*/cap*, scarf

Girls Reception to Year 6 - Summer Term: Dress, socks, sandles

*  Available from Lester Bowden

** Available from Tacklebag

The School’s official outfitters are Lester Bowden in Epsom (Tel: 01372 742411), and the sports kit is supplied by Tacklebag Ltd (020 8740 4850). 

Senior School (including Sixth Form) PE and Games Kit

All Senior School pupils (including the Sixth Form - boys and girls) are expected to have both the official School PE (white tops) AND Games kit (blue tops) as well as an official  'House' t-shirt, in the relevent 'House' colour with the School logo on.  Essex House have purple t-shirts, Raleigh House have green t-shirts and Castlemaine House have orange t-shirts.   The Tacklebag Ltd website lists all the items of PE and games kit that are required including the House t-shirts.   Gum shields and shin guards are compulsory for all pupils and students playing hockey and gum shields are compulsory for all pupils playing rugby.


Sixth Form

Students in the Sixth Form wear a plain grey, navy or black suit (girls may wear a skirt or trouser suit) of modest style, 2 or 3 piece.  Boys must wear a white, pastel or subtle strip shirt and girls must wear a blouse with a revere collar in the same colours.  A mid-grey, charcoal, navy or black v neck jumper may also be worn.   Sixth Form boys have the chance to wear a number of ties, these range from Sixth Form, Prefects and House Colour ties.  Sixth Form boys must wear black leather shoes only.  Standard style, no boot or trainer style.  No buckles or tabs and no suede.   Sixth Form girls should wear black shoes of a sensible style, preferably flat or black heel, maximum 5cm.   Socks must be grey, dark blue or black (modest patterns are permitted), girls may wear black or flesh coloured tights.  A School scarf is also available to purchase from Lester Bowden and coats must be plain dark blue or black, (no large or inappropriate logos, no leather or demin).

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