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International Expeditions

Camps International

We’re working with Camps International to offer Year 11’s and Year 12’s the opportunity of spending four weeks in Ecuador during the summer, undertaking project work with isolated communities. Examples of the work that the group will undertake includes replanting endangered tree species, cultivating a botanical garden of medicinal plants and using used plastic bottles to make waterproof structures, all of which are of use to the local communities.

Our pupils will visit four different camps during the month, as well as spending time in the Amazonian rain-forest, the highest peaks in the Andes and the capital city of Quito.  

Camps International are expedition specialists and since 2002 have been living, working and making a real difference in locations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They are the only expedition company to own, manage and operate 25 permanent and exclusive camps in the heart of rural communities and wildlife areas, bringing significant revenue and assistance to the poorest rural communities that would otherwise not benefit from tourism. With an in-country team of over 150 local staff, they employ locally, pay fairly and treat ethically. Their permanent presence in the destination countries allows them to maximise benefits to the people and wildlife that need it most by committing year round to our projects, so you can be confident that the work that is done will have a lasting impact on areas that are visited. This also means that they have unrivalled safety systems in place to deal with emergencies.