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Mr. Holder-Williams

Mr. M Holder-Williams MA
Head of Senior School

The Senior School

At Key Stage 3 (11-14 years) we are building upon the work undertaken at Primary/Junior level. Boys from our Junior School are joined by an influx from local junior and primary schools at age 11, and a further entry is welcomed from preparatory schools at 13 years. At both junctures, we establish high and challenging standards, and develop the skills that students will need in order to make the most of the opportunities available at Ewell Castle, as well as to tackle the examination courses ahead.

At Key Stage 4 (11-16 years) academic expectations reach new heights with GCSE examinations on the horizon. The use of student tracking, increased reporting and self appraisal, all have a part to play as targets are set and monitored to ensure improved personal performance and achievement.

In the Sixth Form (16-18 years) students embark upon rigorous and stimulating courses of study. The demands of AS and A levels, supplemented by a challenging Enrichment Programme, allows the students to foster a productive relationship with their teachers and tutors. The close support provided and professional advice available serves to ensure that appropriate choices are made in respect of career opportunities and university places. From September the Sixth Form will become co-educational and we have been delighted with the response to this development.

Ewell Castle regularly excels in public examinations. The school is well placed in national performance tables that seek to quantify academic success. Ultimately we are proud of all our pupils for all that they achieve, which is also reflected, in part and most favourably when the value added measurement is brought into consideration.


The Senior School is located predominantly at the Castle in Church Street, with a few classes across the road at Glyn House. Some fifteen acres of playing fields and gardens complement the castellated mansion, former stables and more contemporary buildings accommodating Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Arts and Sports.

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