Ewell Castle School, Church Street, Ewell, Surrey, KT17 2AW
Admissions: 020 8394 3576 admissions@ewellcastle.co.uk
Senior School: 020 8393 1413
Preparatory School: 020 8394 3579

Ewell Castle School

Admissions Process and Key Dates

We encourage you to visit the School with your child during one of our Open Events. To apply for your child to come to Ewell Castle School, you will need to complete an application form and send this together with a cheque for £75.00 payable to Ewell Castle School, to The Registrar.  

Existing Ewell Castle School pupils are not required to submit an application form when transfering from the Preparatory School to the Senior School.  The same applies to our Year 11 pupils applying for a place in our Sixth Form.  


Nursery/Reception A meeting with the Nursery Manager for you and your child.
Preparatory School A meeting with the Head of the Preparatory School and a taster day for your child which will include an assessment through observation in the classroom.
Senior School A taster day for your child to include an assessment in Mathematics, English comprehension, creative writing along with an interview with the Principal.
Sixth Form

To enter the Sixth Form, potential students will have an interview with the Principal and a lesson taster session.  Places offered are conditional upon GCSE (or equivalent) grades in the public examinations. 

The minimum entry requirement is five A*-C Grades (including English and Mathematics Level 9 - 4) and a minimum B Grade or Level 6 at GCSE in the subject to be followed at A Level.

Students wishing to study the following subjects will require a minimum A Grade at GCSE Level in those subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Spanish, Mathematics (including Further Mathematics) . 

  • Students wishing to study Psychology A Level need a minimum 6 in the following subjects at GCSE Level; Mathematics, English and minimum B grade in Science subjects taken.
  • Students wishing to study P.E. A Level need a minimum B Grade at GCSE Level in a Science subject and if they have taken P.E. GCSE Level then they need to have achieved a minimum B Grade.
  • Students wishing to study Economics A Level need a minimum 6 at GCSE Level in both English and in Mathematics.
  • Students wishing to study Business Studies A Level need a minimum 6 Level GCSE in both English and Mathematics.
  • Students wishing to study Government and Politics A Level need a minimum 6 Level at GCSE Level English.  History GCSE Level minimum B Grade would also be helpful.
  • Students wishing to study Information and Communications Technology A Level need a minimum B Grade at GCSE Level if they have taken this subject at GCSE Level.

Key Dates

For September entry, we encourage applications by October of the previous year. Interviews and visits are organised and places are offered within a few weeks. Where places are still available (or to place your child’s name on the waiting list) the School will accept applications throughout the school year. Applications for Nursery places are processed on a termly basis. The scholarship and bursary application deadline for entry to the School in September 2018, is 10th November 2017.


 Failure to disclose any Special Educational Needs pertaining to your child, may result in the offer of a place at Ewell Castle School being withdrawn.

Failure to pay the school fees constitutes a breach of contract and this will result in a place at the School being withdrawn.


For further admissions queries please contact the Registrar, Mrs Wilkins at admissions@ewellcastle.co.uk who will be happy to assist you.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Ewell Castle School.